The ModernSo who am I?

I’m a hard working individual born and raised in Fort Worth who loves to laugh as much as possible and enjoys the simple things in life. I like to frequent art exhibitions at the Modern, the Kimbell, and the Amon Carter Museum. In constant search of the new—whether it’s new music, books, or art. I enjoy photography. I’m a novice at it and probably pretty horrible at it as well, but that doesn’t keep me from trying. I’m kind of shy and have been referred to as an introvert on numerous occasions. I prefer odd numbers over even. I listen to NPR on the drive to work, though, I have a confession: I never contribute. I recycle everything that I can, and, although, hate is a strong word…I hate onions! Some of my favorite things are: the fall season, morning coffee, evening tea, a good book, indie music, key lime pie from Ravelin Bakery, the smell of apple cinnamon, girls with freckles on their shoulders, girls with bangs and glasses, plaid patterns, long awkward hugs, my iPod, a good cardigan, a Starbucks or coffee shop with ample seating, and my sense of humor (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). Find me reading at Starbucks on occasion or wandering aimlessly through used book stores. Jolly good. For more information, visit your local library!