Stars at Trees in Dallas

Stars at Trees 2

“We are Stars. Never forget us.” — Torquil Campbell

Toronto based band Stars made their way to Trees in Dallas on Monday June 25th. On tour for their 2017 album There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light Dallas was the first stop for Stars on their way through Texas.

Stars at Trees 1This would actually be the first time I would catch Stars in concert. This elusive indie rock band (last time they were in Dallas was in 2015) tends to primarily tour the northern states along with the east and west coast, so when I saw they would be in Dallas I immediately bought a ticket. Spanning a musical career of nearly 20 years Stars lives by the hard working ethic of staying busy and always making music. Thankfully, they put just as much effort into their live shows. Torquil was energetic throughout the entire show and Amy and the other band members reciprocated that energy. The setlist was impressive with only a handful of songs from older albums that I wasn’t too familiar with. Favorites included “Dead Hearts,” “Personal,” and recent new tracks from their latest album “Fluorescent Lights,” “Alone,” “Privilege,” “We Called it Love,” and my all-time favorite, included in an encore performance, “Your Ex-Lover is Dead.” All songs that night were performed beautifully, and I would’ve expected no less from such an awesome band. I hope that they make a habit of stopping by DFW more often as this band was just amazing to catch live.

Stars continue their tour through Texas with one stop in Austin and another in Houston and a final stop in Montreal, Canada. I wish them safe travels and hope that I don’t have to wait a long time before catching another show from this elusive band.



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