Radical Face with Aisha Badru at The Kessler Theater

Friday, October 13th, Radical Face made their Texas debut at The Kessler Theater in Oak Cliff. Ben Cooper, originally from Florida, shared that this would be his very first time in Texas, in the Dallas area, and their first stop in Texas on their 2017 tour.

Aisha Badru at The Kessler Theater - 10-13-17

Joining Radical Face on their tour, and first on stage, was Aisha Badru. A native of New York, Aisha not only brought a hushed soulful voice with her, but also shared some words with the audience to give some insight into her origins and the basis of her music. Aisha’s set was short, but was performed beautifully and made all the more intimate by Aisha’s ability to expose her vulnerability. “Waiting Around”—featured on a Volkswagen commercial in South Africa—was performed beautifully and Aisha shared that soon she would release a full-length debut album under the same label as Radical Face.

Radical Face at The Kessler Theater - 10-13-17Radical Face took the stage next and Ben Cooper shared that they would only be performing sad songs. I would’ve expected nothing less. Later he would share that he thought “sad” should be a genre of music. I wholeheartedly concur. The most notable songs from their set included “Ghost Towns,” “Wrapped in Piano Strings,” “Sisters,” “The Mute,” “Always Gold,” and “Welcome Home, Son”—a song Ben invited the audience to sing along with. Ben gave a brief back story to his songs (his dismal, dismal songs). Most notably, that “Winter is Coming” is not a song about Game of Thrones or Jon Snow. Radical Face would finish the show with an awesome encore performance. The last songs performed were “The Road to Nowhere,” “Always Gold,” and “We’re on Our Way.” “The Road to Nowhere,” according to Ben, was a song that he didn’t like to perform live, but I’m glad they decided to make an exception. I’m also glad that they decided to pass through Texas on their tour and grace us with a remarkable performance and a phenomenal night of music.

Radical Face finish their tour through Texas with stops in Houston and Austin. And, they graciously donated any sales, made from merchandise that night, to aid in the relief effort of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. I wish them all safe travels and hope to catch another memorable show from Ben Cooper and company.


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