Fortress Festival Day 2 – April 30, 2017

Fortress Fest Day 2 - Featured Image

The second day of Fortress Festival in the cultural district of Fort Worth went a lot smoother than the previous day. The inaugural Fortress Fest brought with it an awesome range of musical genres from both local and nationally known artists to Fort Worth with Sunday being a mostly indie-genre lineup. Day 2 had the bands that I most wanted to see and were thankfully not scheduled to perform back-to-back.

Fortress Fest Day 2 - Golden Dawn ArkestraAustin band Golden Dawn Arkestra took the stage, with incense in hand to chase off any bad spirits and negative energy, and brought their dazzling sound infused with afrobeats and psychadelic jazz to the Modern stage. With wild and vivid costumes they managed to energize the crowd and set the stage for what would be an awesome experience. Determined to get people to move and dance, one of the members was brought onto the Modern’s grassy area from the stage, by way of boat, across the Modern’s reflecting pool.

Canadian indie rock band Alvvays put on an amazing show despite some sound issues that caused a delay during their set up and a few issues during the performance—which visibly frustrated lead singer Molly Rankin. Sound issues asidFortress Fest Day 2 - Alvvayse Alvvays didn’t disappoint and performed songs from their 2014 album Adult Diversion and a few new songs from an album that has yet to be named. Lead singer Molly shared the fact that they almost cancelled coming to Fort Worth to attend the festival, because of a 6 hour flight delay. I’m glad that they managed to perform at the Modern stage after all, despite a rough start and cooler night time weather. “I thought it was suppose to be warmer in Texas?” Molly asked wearing a bright orange windbreaker. Indeed, the cooler weather definitely caught me off guard, too.

Fortress Fest Day 2 - Purity Ring - 2Canadian indie electronic music duo Purity Ring finished the festival lineup and put on a beautiful show at the Will Rogers stage. The set up for the stage took a while as the stage crew set up a few center pieces and untied and untangled multiple strands of LED lights that were then hoisted into the air. The end effect? Beautiful. Purity Ring brought the stars down on stage and it was definitely worth the wait. Purity Ring put on a amazing show and dazzled concert-goers with their one of a kind sound of beautiful vocals and infectious beats. The best way to end an amazing day of concerts.

Overall, things went smoothly for the first annual Fortress Festival, despite a threat of bad weather on Saturday and some technical difficulties on Sunday. Parking at the Farrington Field parking lot presented no problems and it was relatively easy arriving and leaving the festival. Traffic was minimal both coming and going. Access to the main areas was granted by way of a wristband, and concert-goers were allowed to leave and come back freely. Navigating between the two stages, however, was a bit awkward, but I don’t think that was something that could have totally been prevented given the location of the stages and the need to control the entrance and exit of concert-goers. Other than that, it was an awesome experience to catch some amazing bands. My only suggestion would be to hold the next Fortress Festival in the fall when there’s less chance for inclement weather.

Fortress Fest Day 2 - Purity Ring Featured Image 2


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