Tacocat at Three Links in Deep Ellum


This past Friday, February 17, 2017, Tacocat brought their good vibes and energy to Three Links in Deep Ellum. The name alone should bring a smile to your face and give you an idea as to what kind of energy this band will bring. Taco. Tacos are awesome. Disagree? Then there’s something seriously wrong with you, my friend. Cat. Like them or not, cats make up 90% of the Internet, and, therefore, pretty much rule the Internet [Margaret Rhodes, Wired]. Put them together and you get an awesome band that tackles serious issues and situations in a fun way.

Tacocat performed mostly songs from their 2016 album Lost Time and a few songs from their 2014 album NVM. Songs from the latter included “Bridge to Hawaii,” a fun song about seasonal affective disorder, “Crimson Wave,” made popular by way of YouTube, and “Hey Girl,” a song about catcalling. Songs from their 2016 album included “Dana Katherine Scully,” of the X-Files, “I Love Seattle,” “Talk,” “Horse Grrls,” “The Internet,” a song about Internet trolls, and “I Hate the Weekend,” my favorite song from the album, and a song about people in the service industry who have to work the weekend—like bartenders—and deal with people with regular Monday through Friday jobs.

Tacocat is heavily influenced by the 90s, but somehow manages to sound fresh and modern. All of the band members were great and were able to build a great rapport with the crowd. Lead singer Emily Nokes was energetic and demonstrated some great dance skills while shaking her tambourine. Drummer Lelah Maupin had my cheeks sore by the end of the night from all the smiling. Donning a foam wig in the shape of a blonde beehive with a red bow, Lelah’s facial expressions and energy had me in a positive mood the whole night. Pretty much what I was expecting based upon their performance on KEXP. One of the funnest bands that I’ve seen live. I was half-expecting colorful balloons to drop from the ceiling or the air to be suddenly filled with bubbles.

tacocat-marge-foam-wigAfter the show I stopped by to thank them for an awesome night. I asked Lelah, “How would you describe your hat?” “It’s a wig!” she quickly corrected me. “Oh, okay. Kind of like Marie Antoinette?” I asked. “Uhm, a bit Marie Antoinette, a bit Marge Simpson,” she offered. Jolly good. After receiving a firm handshake from Lelah and bass player Bree McKenna—and thanking them for stopping by Dallas—I grabbed a CD and was on my way. This would be Tacocat’s first time in Dallas. I’m definitely hoping it’s not their last. Tacocat continue their tour back up through the west coast with a final stop at Coachella. I wish them safe travels and look forward to catching another show from this energetic band.


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