Phantogram at The Bomb Factory


On Saturday, November 5th, 2016, Phantogram took the stage at The Bomb Factory in Dallas in what will be their last band tour date—apart from playing a few music festivals. Despite numerous highway and interstate shutdowns, on route to the music venue,—I-35, 183, and 114—I was determined to not let this setback deter me from making the show nor would I let it dampen my spirits.

Phantogram took the stage performing a few songs behind a raised black veil, a smoke-filled stage, and projections of random shapes and patterns. The New York based duo was accompanied on stage by two extra members, one of which was manning a full drum set. The 2016 tour coincides with the release of Three, Phantogram’s latest full length album. Opening with “Funeral Pyre”—the first track from Three—lead singer Sarah Barthel delivered a high energy performance that she surprisingly maintained for the entire night. Other songs performed from Three included fan favorite “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore,” “Cruel World,” and “Barking Dog.” The latter of which was written for the tragic passing of Barthel’s older sister. Phantogram finished the show with a four song encore performance, which included my favorite song of theirs—”Fall in Love”—which was performed beautifully.

As Phantogram’s popularity and notoriety grows, so too does their ability to fill up larger venues. As Sarah noted during a brief pause between songs, when the house lights came on: “Fuck, this place is huge!” Infectious electronic beats by Josh Carter and beautiful vocals by Sarah Barthel are the driving force for Phantogram’s stand out tracks on albums that would otherwise fall by the wayside of the Indie-Electronic genre. This in no way hinders Phantogram, as the tracks that do reach the ears of listeners who appreciate good music, only helps to elevate and propel this awesome band, proving that their growing popularity is very much deserved and merited. The Dallas show at The Bomb Factory was the final stop on their 2016 band tour, though Phantogram has a few more shows in which they play music festivals. I wish them all safe travels and look forward to catching a future show from this awesome band again.


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