Wye Oak at Club Dada in Dallas

On Wednesday—correction—on a blistering Wednesday, August 10th, 2016, Wye Oak took the stage at Club Dada in Dallas. Unwilling to be deterred by the suffocating heat I kept in mind that the sound of great music was only moments away. Fifteen minutes after taking my place in line I came face to face with Andy and Jenn of Wye Oak. A pleasant surprise, as they mistook the door I was standing in front of to be the entrance into the venue. “Hey guys” was the most I could muster.

tushkaFirst on stage was Tuskha, the electronic pop project of Phil Moore. I listened to a few tracks on Spotify to get an idea of what Tuskha sounded like, lest I found myself showing up for a band I wouldn’t like. A few of the tracks reminded me of The Kite String Tangle, but no track in particular really stood out for me. This, unfortunately, was also the case when hearing the tracks performed live. I’m not sure if it was the lyrics, the synths, the instrumentation, or the singing. The songs performed that night just didn’t really click with me, and I fear that might have been the case with most of the audience.

wye oak - 4After a quick stage setup, Wye Oak was finally ready to perform. Their second stop in Texas, Wye Oak is winding down their tour for their 2016 album release Tween. Wye Oak performed a few tracks from their newest album with the most memorable one being “If You Should See,” which was performed beautifully. “Before” and “Sick Talk,” from the album Shriek, released in 2014, were both gorgeously performed, and Jenn did a phenomenal performance on bass guitar in the song “The Tower.” Andy was amazing on manning both percussion and the keyboard—which still blows my mind that he can do that—while shooting sideways glances at Jenn to make sure they were both synced up. Most of the songs performed that night were from the album Shriek with Wye Oak going as far back as the 2009 album The Knot. Crowd favorite “Civilian” enthralled the audience and Jenn shared a couple of stories on the smoldering Texas heat and how a few years ago, while recording in Dallas, whilst doing the tourist thing of visiting the grassy knoll, a tornado touched down nearby. Glad you survived this unforgiving Texas weather, Jenn.

At the end of the show, I snagged a t-shirt and CD, got an autograph from Andy, and thanked him for coming through Texas. “I’m actually from here,” he said. Good to know Mr. Stack. Wye Oak finish up their tour in Texas with their last stop being in Austin. I wish them both safe travels and look forward to catching another show from this amazing band.


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