Gregory Alan Isakov and The Ghost Orchestra at The Granada Theater in Dallas


Gregory Alan Isakov and The Ghost Orchestra at The Granada Theater in Dallas

On Friday, July 1, 2016, Gregory Alan Isakov took the stage, accompanied by The Ghost Orchestra, at the Granada Theater in Dallas.

Born in South Africa, Isakov was raised in the States and currently resides in Colorado. His music is a blend of Americana and folk, and shows what thoughtful lyrics and song writing can create. The tour is set to coincide with the release of the album Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony released on June 10th. This was my first time catching Mr. Isakov in a live show and it was definitely a memorable one. Most of the songs performed that night were from his previous albums, as his latest released album is a collection of his previous songs with “Liars” being the only new track. The majority of the songs were delicately the ghost orchestradraped with the sounds from The Ghost Orchestra which featured six strings and two French horns. Denver singer-songwriter Natalie Tate also joined Isakov on a few songs, but her voice only really came across on one song, which was a shame as she truly does have a beautiful voice. “The Stable Song”—my favorite song from Isakov—was performed beautifully with the layered sound from The Ghost Orchestra adding to its beauty. Towards the end of the concert we were treated to an awesome version of “Deep in the Heart of Texas” by a member of The Ghost Orchestra and crowd favorite, Steve. It definitely made for a memorable night.

Gregory Alan Isakov and The Ghost Orchestra continue their tour with Austin being their last stop in Texas, and Los Angeles being their last stop together. From there, Isakov continues his tour solo with his last stop in Glasgow, UK. I wish them all safe travels and look forward to catching another live show from Mr. Isakov.


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