Peter Bradley Adams with Molly Parden at The Live Oak

peter bradley adams

This past Friday, May 6th, 2016, Peter Bradley Adams—accompanied by Lex Price and Molly Parden—took the stage at The Live Oak in Fort Worth.

First onmolly parden-1 stage was Molly Parden, from Nashville, Tennessee, who has a great ability to make the audience feel at ease (and not just with her beautiful music). Molly is exceptional at stage banter, from describing and giving the back story to some of her songs, to shamelessly plugging her CDs and t-shirts (with a horse on it). She opened with “Please Baby, Please” from her album Time is Medicine. A song that I heard somewhere before. I even mentioned it to Molly after the concert while grabbing a copy of her CD. When she asked where I heard it, I couldn’t recall and drew a blank. Molly also performed, “Kentucky, I” from a future EP that will be released this summer, as well as, a cover song, “Separate Ways” by Carl Anderson. The latter of which was performed beautifully as Molly’s version.

Next on stage was Peter and Lex, accompanied by Molly for a few songs. Peter performed mostly songs from his first four albums. Each song performed beautifully—including my favorite, “The Longer I run.” Peter also shared a new song with us, titled “We Are.” A beautiful song that Peter wrote for a choreographed dance performance of the same title that is being put on by the San Angelo Civic Ballet on May 13th and 14th. Peter is currently working on a new album due to be released soon (the title is still pending) and I really hope that song will be included. After the show I made sure to thank both Peter and Molly for such a great night of beautiful music.

Peter, Lex, and Molly have one more stop in Austin on May 7th, and then Peter’s off to San Angelo on his own on May 13th and 14th. I’m glad they decided to include Fort Worth as one of their tour stops and look forward to future shows in Texas from Mr. Adams and Ms. Parden.


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