Beach House at The Bomb Factory

Saturday, April 9th, 2016, I caught my very first show by Baltimore’s own Beach House at The Bomb Factory in Dallas.


Accompanying Beach House on this tour, and first on stage, were The Chamanas from Juaréz, Mexico. Bringing the sound of Spanish Rock with them, The Chamanas infused electronic, traditional Mexican rhythms, and Indie Rock, and created a new experience that was totally unexpected.


When Beach House finally took the stage I was weary from the wait, but two songs into their set list, and all that was troubling me floated away as they performed “Wishes” from the album Bloom. The atmosphere and music that Beach House creates is just so relaxing. Songs from their set list mostly included songs from their recent album Depression Cherry and a few from Thank Your Lucky Stars, and went as far back as their self-entitled album Beach House. Crowd favorite “Myth” was performed beautifully and had everyone cheering as soon as that familiar “clang” started the song off (without a doubt my favorite song from Beach House). On the song “PPP,” from Depression Cherry, Victoria’s voice was haunting and beautiful as she sang about the uncertainty of new love. Beach House finished up their set with an encore performance of “10:37” and “Elegy to the Void.” I am thankful that I was able to catch this performance and look forward to future shows from Beach House in the DFW area.

Beach House continue their tour with two more stops in Texas, Austin and El Paso, and a final stop on August 28th in Los Angeles.


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