M83 at The Bomb Factory

Last night, April 8, 2016, I caught an amazing show at a Dallas music venue that’s new to me. Located on 2713 Canton St., The Bomb Factory hosted the amazing band M83 along with the opening band, Yacht.


Yacht, originally from Portland, Oregon, is currently based out of Los Angeles. Most songs performed were off of the album I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler. Claire Evans was energetic and put on a great performance. With electronic beats, synths, upbeat rhythms, and dark lyrics, the term “electronic death pop” comes to mind. In the song “I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler”, Evans paints a future dystopia of militant control and mindless drones. My favorite song performed was “Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)” off the album Shangri-La. A dark song that somehow seems upbeat and catchy.

M83-1Next on stage was M83. Once the stage lit up, I couldn’t help but notice the keyboardist, thinking to myself, she looks a lot like Kaela Sinclair. She even had Kaela’s purple streaked hair. Quickly—okay, gradually— I came to the realization that Kaela was actually on stage with M83! I couldn’t stop smiling and felt a sense of pride, as if a family member were on stage with one of my favorite bands! A pleasant and unexpected surprise. M83 performed songs off of their new album Junk, as well as, some other favorites from the albums Hurry, Up We’re Dreaming and Saturdays = Youth. “Go” and “Laser Gun” were both performed beautifully by Mai Lan with the former getting the crowd re-energized. Both songs are of the variety that make M83 such a joy to listen to. With beautiful vocals, catchy lyrics, atmospheric sounds, and head bobbing beats, it’s hard not to move to the music. Kaela held her own and demonstrated why she was picked to be a vocalist and keyboardist by M83. Performing “Oblivion” and “For the Kids,” both songs originally performed on their respective albums by Susanne Sundfør, Kaela performed each one beautifully. But, “Oblivion”…oh wow, “Oblivion”—Kaela made that song her own and just really wowed the audience with her beautiful rendition. M83 couldn’t finish their set list without adding the ever popular “Midnight City” and “Wait”; two of my favorite songs, and, of which I still can’t believe, Kaela got to perform with M83! Way to go Kaela!

M83 continue on their tour with only two more stops in Texas and a final stop on November 28th in Paris, France. I wish them safe travels and thank them for an awesome performance.


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