Poliça with Clara-Nova at The Loft in Dallas


This past Saturday, March 12th, 2016, at The Loft in Dallas, long after President Obama exited the building, I caught an amazing show by Minneapolis’ own Poliça. This would be my first visit to The Loft, though, I’ve attended a few concerts downstairs at The Southside Ballroom. The night was off to a good start when the parking attendant told me to park in one of the spots in front of the venue. Unsure as to whether he misunderstood that I might be an employee I did as instructed. Secure parking in front of the venue? Sure, I’ll take that.


First on stage was Los Angeles’ own Clara-Nova. With beautiful vocals, toe-tapping rhythms, and the occasional live dual percussion set, Clara-Nova put on an amazing show performing songs from their debut EP The Bronze Age. Sydney Wayser performed a beautiful version of “This Side of Paradise” on guitar and demonstrated her amazing vocals. At the end of the show I made sure to thank them and grabbed a copy of their debut EP.


Next on stage was Poliça. This would be my first time actually catching them live. They do seem to frequent Dallas a lot, which is great! Poliça performed songs from their newest album United Crushers, opening with “Summer Please” and following up with my favorite song from the album, “Lime Habit.” Lead singer Channy was hypnotic and kept the energy flowing throughout the entire set list, as the songs were performed one after the other with barely a pause in between. There were two “gateway” songs that introduced me to Poliça about four years ago from 89.3 The Current’s YouTube channel: “Wandering Starand “The Maker.Thankfully, “Wandering Star” was a part of their performance that night. As soon as the familiar synths started, and the dual snare drums were beating out that familiar drumbeat, I couldn’t help but smile and feel a sense of elation. After the show Channy stuck around to meet her fans and give out autographs. I grabbed a t-shirt before the show started, but I went back to grab a copy of United Crushers (autographed by Channy), and, also, a handshake to thank her for a beautiful performance and for sticking around after the show.

Poliça continue their United Crushers 2016 Spring Tour with added dates in Austin and El Paso, Texas for the month of March.


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