Focus: Glenn Kaino at The Modern

focus-glenn kaino - lenetenafionale

The current Focus art exhibition at The Modern features Los Angeles based artist Glenn Kaino. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kaino continues to work there and has created specific pieces for his art exhibition at The Modern.

One of the pieces on display, In Search of New Systems (Logarithmic), 2015, features what appears to be a completely disassembled hair clipper, or trimmer, arranged and suspended in space in a beautiful and intricate manner and pattern. Each individual piece is arranged in a very specific manner—almost as if in a real life exploded-view drawing—painted in a lustrous silver and gold, and then encircled by intricate wiring that is woven in a very specific pattern. The effect is beautiful to look at and fun to explore. In Search of New Systems (Western Skies), 2015 is done in a similar fashion and appears to be a model kit for a Japanese toy robot. Close inspection of the art piece reveals a couple of toy guns, some wheels, and what might be wings, all painted in a beautiful silver and gold. Everything needed to assemble a model kit. All except the head.

L’ènetènafionale, 2015 is a beautiful piece of technology and art. A Pierrot sits on top of an anthropomorphic crescent moon and as people approach the art piece, the moon’s eye will blink and track their movement (thanks to a motion sensor on the ceiling). And, when three or more people stand in front of the art piece, the moon sings a “lunar French” version of the song The Internationale. The piece took months to create, according to Kaino, who worked with linguists to create a hybrid of English and French. The hybrid language being a result of what happens to a language over time—as with English in the US—but, in this case, what might happen when we colonize Mars or the Moon. Unfortunately, someone poked the poor moon’s eye and might have damaged the servo that controls the movement, so it’s unable to track the movement of art patrons accurately. A panel of judges will vote on whether or not one of Kaino’s art pieces will be added to The Modern’s permanent collection. I sincerely hope it will be one of the pieces that I’ve mentioned.

Focus: Glenn Kaino runs through April 17th at The Modern in Fort Worth. Even though the exhibit is small, it’s definitely worth visiting for the theatrical performance by the lunar French speaking moon.


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