Oaktopia Day Two – September 26, 2015


The second day of Oaktopia did not go off as smooth as the previous day. Unfortunately, the shows scheduled to be held at the Panhandle House were all cancelled. I had to reshuffle my schedule in hopes that the day would still be a good one. The following are the bands that really stood out to me.

OaktopiaDayTwo-MTHRSLocal Denton band MTHRS (The Mothers) was playing at Dan’s Silverleaf during my improvised schedule change, and I’m really glad that I caught them. Great music accompanied by beautiful vocals. Naomi Kliewer was the only vocalist present on stage and did a beautiful job at singing their songs in a slight variation with a slower tempo and soulful sound. The band did an awesome job on the track “Professional Manipulator” which really let Naomi showcase her incredible vocals.

In the dark basement of J&J’s Pizza, Denton’s The Space In-Between OaktopiaDayTwo-TheSpaceIn-Between(Steven Ramos) performed a set mostly from his album The Last Picture I Took of Us Sounded Like This. Just a guy and his guitar singing depressing music—and I’m all about depressing music. With heartfelt lyrics The Space In-Between manages to touch on everything from heartache to the fumbling courtship that most of us have experienced. My favorite song performed that night, “You’re Not From Burbank,” touches on the latter.

So, even though the Panhandle House cancelled its shows for the day, and I missed out on seeing Cozy Hawks, Pale Dīan, and Sudie, I still managed to catch some great bands. All in all, not a bad day.


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