Peter Bradley Adams @ Dan’s Silverleaf

Friday-June-13-2014 Peter Bradley Adams at Dans Silverleaf

On Friday, June 13th, Peter Bradley Adams, accompanied by Todd Lombardo, took the stage at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton. Though usually considered a day of bad luck, this Friday the 13th went off rather smoothly with no misfortune in sight.

Peter and Todd played several songs from Peter’s previous albums including two of my favorites: “The Longer I Run” and “Katy.” This was strictly an acoustic set and every song was performed perfectly. I honestly felt like I was just listening to the songs on my iPod. Every song was performed beautifully. (Including the encore songs after they finished their set: “My Love is My Love,” “Always,” and “Los Angeles.”)

A few songs from Peter Bradley Adams newest album, The Mighty Storm, were also performed. I figured a new album might have been released, hence the touring. Unfortunately, Mr. Adams left the albums in Austin. (For shame, Peter.) So, maybe, Friday the 13th didn’t completely go by without a hitch.

When I first arrived, Peter and Todd were fine tuning the sound system. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I pretty much was alone at Dan’s—since I got there kind of early—and got the chance to hear three songs performed for an audience of one. My own personal concert. How amazing is that?

After the concert, Peter and Todd hung around to talk with their fans. I got the chance to thank them both, and I took the opportunity to thank Peter for his music and also got the chance to take a few pictures with him. The perfect ending to an awesome Friday the 13th.

The June 13th concert at Dan’s Silverleaf was Peter Bradley Adams last stop in Texas, he continues his tour in the UK. I wish him safe travels. Cheers!



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