All the Cool Kids had Macs

My MacBook ProWhile going to school, when studying at Willis Library, studying at Big Mike’s Coffee, or studying at the local Starbucks, there was one thing that I always noticed: all the cool kids had Macs. How the heck could they afford a MacBook?!, I always thought to myself. Especially, since I could barely afford an HP that was an “Open Box” clearance item, and only by using my Best Buy credit card. It seemed like excess, seeing them sit there type away on this expensive machine while the glowing Apple logo kept drawing my attention…mocking my pitiful HP laptop. I even dated someone that used a MacBook Pro, which made me want one even more. I used to call her “one of the cool kids” whenever we’d use our laptops to study at Starbucks. She seemed to use it so effortlessly, and it looked so sleek. While my HP Pavilion dv4 was clunky with an external battery adding to the bulk and weight of it. I swore the next laptop that I would purchase would be a MacBook Pro.

Well, I had a good run with my HP, but it finally bit the dust about two weeks ago. And at a very inopportune time: I was let go from my previous employer in late January and have been feverishly looking for a new job ever since. My laptop, my only connection to the outside world, has been the main resource for checking emails, applying for jobs, sending résumés, and checking LinkedIn. I was hoping to repair it, as money is scarce and I really need to watch my budget. However, when I took it in to get repaired, I was told that it would cost as much to get a new laptop. But, what I really heard was, Dude, just get yourself a MacBook Pro, you’ve always really wanted one. So I did.

Apple Store SouthlakeSo far I like it. The OS Mavericks is very intuitive and it seems to run seamlessly. I’m still getting use to all of the different key strokes, the different programs that do the same things on the Windows OS, and, also, not using a mouse. My only complaint, so far, is that Safari really sucks as an Internet browser. Too many ads and tabs open up—without being blocked—whenever I’m viewing shows online. Thankfully, I downloaded Firefox, and (the very awesome plugin!) Ad Block Plus that took care of all the unnecessary ads, banners, and unwarranted opened tabs inviting me to play King’s Bounty Online! I even paid a visit to my local Apple Store in Southlake Town Square to get a quick beginners course on “Knowing Your Mac.” I actually did learn a few things from that course, so it was pretty helpful and best of all free. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll become more acquainted with my MacBook Pro through trial and error. I look forward to exploring the possibilities and capabilities of this awesome machine.


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