The Spring Standards with Kaela Sinclair @ Dan’s Silverleaf

The Spring StandardsThis past Friday, March, 07, 2014, I caught an amazing show by two amazing bands: The Spring Standards and Kaela Sinclair.

First on stage was Denton’s own local artist Kaela Sinclair. When we first arrived, Kaela was already on stage 1suDYS.St.117performing with her band. I’m not too familiar with her music, but I find when most songs are performed live, they seem to take on a whole other quality. The one song that I do remember from her set was “Coral Castles.” The song—based on the castle built by Edward Leedskalnin in Florida for the woman who broke his heart—was performed beautifully. After Kaela’s set, I managed to snag a copy of her album Sun & Mirror, which, after a few listens, I have to say, is a very beautiful album. The album, after listening to all the tracks for the first time, just felt so familiar. It’s easy to see why it was called “one of the best albums to come out of North Texas in 2013” by My favorite track from the album is “Ghosts You’ve Won.” Simply a beautiful song in its entirety.

Next on stage was The Spring Standards. This band, based out of New York, was the main reason I attended the show. Actually, the song “Only Skin“—from their 2012 album Yellow//Gold—was what got me excited to see this amazing band. The song is so beautiful and when it was performed, it was done perfectly. I was so grateful that they added this song to their set list, and even made a point of thanking them afterwards.

Both bands were very approachable and were so amicable when talking to their fans—or newly made fans. I am so honored to have been able to thank both bands for the amazing show that they put on. The Spring Standards finish up their tour through Texas with one show in Dallas, five shows in Austin, and their final show in Houston on March 16th.


2 responses to “The Spring Standards with Kaela Sinclair @ Dan’s Silverleaf

  1. Sad I missed this show. Kaela’s great. I interviewed her last year and really enjoyed her album. I’ve liked The Spring Standards for years, back to when they were on NY Sings For Haiti. They’re a great group.


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