Art and Nachos: The Age of Picasso and Matisse at The Kimbell

Kimbell Exhibit - The Age of Picasso and MatisseOver this holiday season I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with my sister’s kids, which consists of two boys and one girl. My sister is older than I am, and the kids, with the exception of one who has already graduated, are all in high school.

Recently, I have found out that my niece and I share quite a lot in common. We both love good music, books, bike riding, good food, and, more importantly, art. So, in an effort to connect more with her, I decided to invite her to a good dose of art and a delicious dose of nachos.

We ventured out to The Kimbell Art Museum around 11 a.m. only to find that it opens at noon on Fridays. With almost an hour to spare, I suggested we head over to The Amon Carter Museum to check out the current exhibit and then head back once we’ve finished viewing the exhibit.

On our way back from The Amon Carter Museum we discovered there were quite a few art patrons who were making a day of the current exhibit at The Kimbell: The Age of Picasso and Matisse. So much so, that it was actually a bit crowded. I was hoping that the museum would have less people, so my niece and I could really enjoy the exhibit.

None the less, we were determined to enjoy our time at The Kimbell, despite the large crowd. The exhibit has lots of cool paintings from Picasso, Salvador DalPablo Picasso - Nude with a Pitcherí, and Balthus. I have previously attended the exhibit myself and knew where most of the better paintings were being displayed. Some notable paintings from Picasso were at the beginning of the exhibit: Nude with a Pitcher and Old Guitarist. The first painting being my favorite of the two. The painting itself is very simple using earth tones and very little detail, but there’s something in the way it is painted that makes it very cool. There are strong outlines and the background has absolutely no detail giving the painting a rough unfinished look, and, also, giving the painting the appearance that it was produced with colored chalk. However, I noticed that in the background, there appears to be what might be a mirror that very faintly has a reflection of the model’s backside. Very cool.

Salvador Dali - Invention of the MonstersThe paintings by Salvador Dalí were some of my favorite from the exhibit. Invention of the Monsters is such a nightmarish painting, but at the same time the quality of the painting makes you want to explore every part of it; as if trying to decipher some meaning from the painting—which, Dalí said, was a prophecy of the apocalypse of World War II. The details in Dalí’s Salvador Dali - Picking up with Extreme Precaution the Cuticle of a Grand Pianopaintings are small and are so sharp, it’s a wonder how he was able to do it with a paint brush. Probably my favorite detail was in the painting A Chemist Lifting with Extreme Precaution the Cuticle of a Grand Piano. In it, there is a woman wearing a red dress, with long gloves, and has a bouquet of flowers for a head. It is both beautiful and eerie. I wish someone would recreate just the image of her in a bigger painting.

Quite possibly my favorite painting of the whole exhibit was Balthus’ Solitaire. This painting Balthus - Solitairedid not really fit in with the current exhibit, but I am so glad that it was added in. Though, I suppose, the exhibit was more about paintings during a certain period, and not so much about a certain style of painting. In it, there is a beautiful girl who is casually playing a game of solitaire. She has on a sage green skirt…and, an awesome pumpkin colored cardigan. The lighting, colors, and detail in this painting are amazing. It is, quite simply, very beautiful! I may have to purchase a large print of it. I love the lighting effects that Balthus painted and the shadows that are cast. The colors used are simple, but combine beautifully.

Yucatan Taco Stand NachosAfter we had our fill of art, my niece and I headed over to Yucatan Taco Stand off of Magnolia, for some nachos. But, not just any nachos! These nachos are garlic shredded beef nachos and they are amazing. They are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious. I can never finish them, and I was surprised that my niece was able to eat half of her’s, since she’s so tiny. So tiny, in fact, that we were able to get her a child’s ticket at the museum. It was the perfect end to a day full of art. The Picasso and Matisse exhibit at The Kimbell Art Museum runs through February 16, 2014, so be sure and check out these iconic works of art—that are on loan from The Art Institute of Chicago—before they make their way back.


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