Stay Frosty

Stay Frosty “All Wheel Drive? Yeah, that’ll come in handy in Texas. Seeing how we get so much snow here.” – My supervisor mocking my Subaru’s AWD capability back in April

A winter weather advisory is in full effect for DFW. An email was sent out from our HR department stating that our company will remain open on Friday despite inclement weather. I awoke at my usual time of 5 a.m. and got ready for work like any other day. This day, however, was different. I could tell by the lack of a particular sound that greets me every morning: passing cars.

Upon dressing up, in what would appear to be an overkill of warm clothing, I drudged out to the parking lot to warm up my car and start the long arduous process of scraping the ice from the windows and windshield. This took much longer than I thought it would, and after a while of scraping—fifteen minutes or so—I could no longer feel my face. I decided to come back inside to get some warm water to help melt some of the ice (this is highly unrecommended as it could crack your windshield). I doused the windshield with lukewarm water and finally managed to break the ice apart using my pocket knife to remove the fragments of ice.

AWD + Brand New Tires = Awesome Traction

AWD + Brand New Tires = Awesome Traction

Once on the road I got to put my AWD to the test. And! Also, my brand new set of tires that I purchased from Discount Tires the day before. Originally, I was going to have them put on the week before, but they did not have them in stock, so I had to wait until Thursday to have them installed. Just in time, too! The new tires handled superbly! And, the AWD on Nigel made going uphill, and driving on the icy roads and bridges effortless. The sign on the highway should have read: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AWD OR A 4X4, YOU SHOULD NOT BE ON THE ROAD. My work place was pretty much empty. Only one other employee managed to make it to work in our department. My supervisor, however, took a vacation day.

Brrr, Stay Frosty.


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