200K Miles with Nigel

On Saturday October 26, 2013, during a major thunderstorm—and a very wet night on Highway 377—a major milestone was reached with Nigel. Who’s Nigel? My 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback.

I was on my way to Sunglass Hut when I totally forgot that I was close to reaching the 200K mark on my Subaru. The rain was pouring down hard and lightning lit up the October night sky, as I drove through winding roads on my way to Highland Village. I kept my eye on the odometer making sure that I wouldn’t miss the exact moment it rolled to mark the 200,000th mile reached.

On my way back, after picking up my sunglasses that a friend (and Sunglass Hut employee) managed to get for me at 50% off, it began to rain even harder. The winding back town roads were now slick and road visibility was reduced even more—partly because there were no street lights or signs indicating a curve. As a result, I missed a curve and Nigel and I both went off the road. Luckily, I was able to recover, thanks to Nigel’s AWD.

The odometer finally reached 200K miles, and I was able to find 200K Miles with Nigela suitable (and safe) stop to mark the occasion with a photo. Quickly, I pulled over into a turn only lane and did my best to photograph the occasion. Unfortunately, all I had was my iPhone, so the image is not the best quality. But! It got the job done. I look forward to the next milestone with Nigel! Good on ya, mate!


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