Daughter & Bear’s Den at The Kessler Theater

DaughterOn Monday, September 16th, Daughter took to the stage at the historic Kessler Theater in South Dallas/Oak Cliff as part of their American tour to coincide with the release of their 2013 album If You Leave. The band Daughter is originally from the London, UK area and consist of Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilella.

Joining Daughter at the Kessler—and first on stage—was a group, also from the UK, called Bear’s Den. I’ve never heard of Bear’s Den and have never heard any of their tracks, so I did not Bear's Denknow what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. They put on an amazing show! Bear’s Den consist of Andrew Davie, Joey Haynes, and Kevin Jones. They are a folk band originally from London and have recently released an EP entitled Agape on Communion Records. The songs performed were beautifully done and it definitely made for a memorable set. After the show I made sure to snag a copy of their EP and also a photo; as these awesome gents made sure to stick around after the show for their fans (and newly made fans).

Next on stage was Daughter. They opened up their set with the fourth song on their album: “Still“. Every song that Daughter performed was done beautifully. They performed a mix of new songs, as well as, songs from their two previous EPs: The Wild Youth and His Young Heart. Elena Tonra was beautiful, as always, and had a bad case of the giggles. Too much Red Bull, perhaps? When the set was done, Daughter thanked us repeatedly and only leftDaughter at The Kessler us wanting more. Daughter, was more than willing to oblige. They ended the show with an encore song, which, just happens to be my favorite song of theirs—even if it is a cover song. They finished the show with the cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. They performed the song perfectly!

Both bands made mention of the September 16th show being their first show in Dallas. This, I believe, made the night even more memorable. I am so glad that I was able to catch both of these amazing bands at what I believe might be Dallas’ best music venue. Daughter and Bear’s Den finish up their tour of Texas making a stop in Austin, and one last stop in Houston.


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