The Kaleidosope by Lemolo

lemolo - the kaleidoscopeYou know that feeling you get when hearing a new song and knowing that you’re going to like a new artist? That happened to me after listening to five seconds of the song “Letters” by Lemolo.

Lemolo is comprised of Meagan Grandall (vocals, piano, guitar) and Kendra Cox (drums, piano), both from Seattle, Washington. Together, these lovely ladies have produced the beautiful album entitled The Kaleidoscope. The album is a joy to listen to from beginning to end. I seriously cannot pick a favorite track, because they are all just so good. However, if I had to pick just one to take with me, it would be “On Again, Off Again.” I love the gradual build up of energy in this song and the energetic “Ha!” that Meagan shouts out. For some odd reason, I have to pump my fist in sync when she does it.

I don’t pretend to be a music critic, with the ability to deconstruct songs down to their core and having a vast knowledge of artist both past and present. But, I do know beautiful music when I hear it. This album—like the front cover—is multifaceted with each song possessing its own beauty, and each song being a different view through the kaleidoscope that Lemolo has painstakingly put together.

Order your copy of The Kaleidoscope at If you order an actual CD, like I did, you’ll get a personal handwritten “thank you” from the band itself. Very cool! I look forward to catching Lemolo live in Fort Worth, Texas—if they shall ever grace us with their presence.


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