She & Him 2013 Tour with The Secret Sisters at The Verizon Theatre

she and him 2013 tour [edit]This past Saturday I caught a concert from the band of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward known as She & Him. The concert was part of their 2013 tour coinciding with the release of their new album entitled Volume 3.

The Secret Sisters [edit]The opening act was a band made up of a sister duo—Lydia and Laura Rogers—called The Secret Sisters. Their sound was reminiscent of 1950s country and sounded like it would be emanating from an old yellow clock radio sitting on top of a kitchen counter next to a pitcher of sweating iced tea with a soft breeze blowing the curtain of a window above the sink. It reminded me of Patsy Cline and with good reason. They actually covered a song of hers as well as the Everly Brothers. They both had powerful voices; proving that sometimes all you need is a guitar and a good voice to put on a good show.

When She & Him finally took to the stage, they opened up with a few songs from their newest album. I was hoping they would perform “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” from their new album, which, luckily, they did. We were then called “terribly good looking” by Ms. Deschanel, which was pretty hilarious. I may have to start using that line. They then performed songs off of their older albums. Most notably (for me): “Thieves,” “Brand New Shoes,” “Me and You,” and “I Thought I Saw Your Face Today” (which Zooey performed beautifully).

I bought a brand new Canon digital camera to use for the concert, but, unfortunately, no cameras were allowed during the concert. And, also, the use of cell phones was not allowed. I could understand not wanting to cause any distractions for other concertgoers, but the staff actually caused more of a distraction in trying to remind people not to use cell phones. Also, it would’ve been nice to have a few pictures of the concert, but, all in all, I think it was memorable enough that I can do without photographs.

Thankfully, Zooey acknowledged her fans from Fort Worth…and Canada too! The tour runs through July 11th with the last stop being in Vienna, Virginia.


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