The Postal Service 2013 Tour @ Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie

The Postal Service 2013“Don’t wake me I plan on sleeping in.” —The Postal Service

This past Monday, on June 3rd 2013, I caught The Postal Service at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas. I made sure to take both Monday and Tuesday off from work, so that I could sleep in the day after the concert. Grand Prairie is the seventh city on their 2013 tour, and the third and last city in Texas, for the tenth anniversary of their album Give Up released in 2003. The tour runs through twenty-seven cities with the last stop being in Chicago, Illinois for the Lollapalooza music festival.

The ticket was about fifty dollars, parking for the concert was fifteen dollars (that’s crazy!), two t-shirts cost me sixty dollars, and a pretzel and a bottled water cost me eight dollars. Was it all worth it? Absolutely.

I arrived a little bit before eight o’clock. To my surprise, the opening band, Ra Ra Riot, was already performing at eight. Which was awesome, as I’m accustomed to bands taking the stage an hour after the doors open. But, unfortunately, I missed their whole set waiting in line to buy a couple of t-shirts from The Postal Service. Once I found my seat, Ra Ra Riot was finishing up their last song and thanking everyone.

The Postal Service then took to the stage—quickly I might add—and opened up with “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.” And, right then, was when I realized that all the money I The Postal Service 2013 Tour 1had spent was definitely worth it. The show was phenomenal! All songs performed that night were from the album Give Up, and I think were performed in the same arrangement as the album. Jenny Lewis and Laura Burhenn were both beautiful. And, I find it awesome, that Ben, like he did when he was at the McFarlin Auditorium in SMU last year with DCFC, mentions Fort Worth before any of the other cities. It makes me proud that he acknowledges us, and is aware that, just because they’re playing in the Dallas or Grand Prairie area, it’s not just people from that city that go to the show. Well done, sir.


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