Barry McGee @ The Modern in Fort Worth


Photo Credit: Paul Moseley


Photo Credit: Paul Moseley

The current Focus: exhibit at The Modern is of San Francisco based artist Barry McGee. His works reflect a California and surfer lifestyle; with wooden carved heads and painted surf boards. The galleries also contain several frames of brightly patterned designs put together to form one installation. My favorite part of the exhibit, which I found to be the most hilarious, was of a plant in the second gallery with a paper towel discarded in its planter (reminding you to not take the exhibit so seriously). Some of the installations contained text or acronyms. One such acronym was “D.F.W.”, which, my friend and I both thought might stand for Dallas Fort Worth. Upon researching on the Internet, however, I found that this actually stands for Down For Whatever. The exhibit is small and is missing graffiti work, which the artist is known for, thankfully, some of the permanent collection was being displayed in the upstairs north wing. The Barry McGee exhibit runs through June 2, 2013.


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