Titanic Artifact Exhibit at The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History


On April 15, 1912, the Titanic, on her maiden voyage, sank in the Atlantic Ocean. The result: one of the most famous maritime disasters in history and one extremely awesome exhibit. Currently, at The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, this amazing exhibit can be seen through March 24, 2013. There are about two hundred and fifty items on display; ranging from personal belongings and artifacts to actual items belonging to the ship.

When you first walk into the exhibit you are handed a ticket containing a passenger’s name and background information. As you progress through the exhibit, you’ll enter various replica rooms that simulate what it might have been like to be quartered in the various class division travel arrangements (1st Class, 2nd class, etc.). At the end of the exhibit you’ll learn your passenger’s fate on whether or not they survived this catastrophic ordeal. The exhibit is a bit pricey coming in at twenty-six dollars per adult ticket. So, you just have to ask yourself: How much would you pay to actually touch the Titanic? Because, at the end of the exhibit, you’ll get to do just that. Nice.


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