NoJoMo was a No-Go

Wow, so I took not only the month of November off (the month when most people participate in NoJoMo, or November Journaling Month), but also the month of December, and January. I, for some reason, could not find the time to write. Nobody reads these blog postings anyway, but I find it to be some sort of outlet to be able to post a blog. Like, sending a message in a bottle out to sea, beaming a message out into space, or leaving a hidden note in a library book for someone else to find. Or, perhaps, a note for you to come back to at a later time (which I’ve actually done). Kind of like a snapshot of time. I can’t take credit for that last idea. I actually read that in a magazine during an all night study session at my university. A lot of cool things have happened. At least, I think they’re cool. So…subsequent blogs to follow!


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