(Un)Official Yearly Road Trip

This past weekend a friend and I made our yearly road trip out512 Pint Night @ Gibson's in Austin to Austin and then to Shiner. It has become an unofficial yearly road trip of sorts. On our first stop, in Austin, we decided to visit Gibson’s for Free 512 Pint Night. Buy 512 beer. Drink the beer. Keep the pint. We thought for sure we were going to miss out on getting a free pint, and that all the free-loaders (like ourselves) were going to walk off with all the free pint glasses. Surprisingly, we were mistaken. When we first got there, the only seating available was outside on Gibson’s patio. They had heaters that could be used on chilly nights out on the patio. Why they didn’t use th512 Pint(s) Night @ Gibson's in Austinem on that particular night is beyond me. It was kind of cool that night, but only because there was a good breeze blowing. Luckily, I was able to spot an empty table inside to finish off our pint collecting adventure. For, as you can see, they neglected to add the crucial words of: Limit one per customer. My chum and I made good on this loophole (see image to the right).

After recovering from a night of pint collecting and drunk shenanigans at a local Wal-Mart (is there any other kind?), thanks to some butter pecan Ensure and some Starbucks in the morning, we headed out to Shiner to finish up our road trip. We flew down the newly built toll road that has a speed limit of 85 mph! My friend’s hybrid has never felt so alive! Austin Toll Road 85 mphWhile there we snagged some t-shirts and a couple of new pint glasses (you’d think we’d have our fill of pint glasses for the trip). Pretty much the usual stuff we normally grab each year. This year, however, they had Shiner Cheer on tap in the gift shop. One of the most awesome things of the fall season, in my very humble and honest opinion. I got a few compliments on my Bill Murray Bike Thief t-shirt that I was wearing. It’s funny, not everyone recognizes that it’s Bill Murray right away. They usually smile and say, “Is that Bill Murray?” I snapped a few pictures around the brewery while my friend picked pecans off the ground. Then we called it a day and headed back to Fort Worth with new memories, souvenirs, pictures, and a lot of pint glasses. The perfect ending to an unofficial yearly road trip.

Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Texas


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