The Gold Standard

The Legend of ZeldaWhen I was around the age of 8 or 9 years old, I received what might have been one of the coolest birthday presents I would ever receive. The original Nintendo game of The Legend of Zelda! My cousin, who just happens to be the same age as me, gave me the game as a birthday present. I can only assume that he must’ve gotten tired of constantly beating the same foe over and over again. I can remember unwrapping it and seeing the beautiful gold luster peeking at me from the partially ripped wrapping paper. I felt as though I was given a solid brick of gold. This must have been what drove men to sail across the world for! Risking both life and limb to cross uncharted waters for the untold legends of the cities of gold! That was the amount of exuberant joy that I felt on that particular day of my birth. And, also the amount of joy I felt when I received the game in the mail early last week after having placed my order on eBay the week before. The hunt continues to collect other such gems from my childhood past. I look forward to copious amounts of game play, and that ever so comforting feeling of nostalgia.


2 responses to “The Gold Standard

  1. This post reminded me of the day my boyfriend came home from a trip to the thrift store after scoring both the original Legend of Zelda and the sequel for $2 each. He was totally stoked to add them into the collection. Good luck with your quest for nostalgia in the form of childhood games…it’s always great to finally find one and cross it off the list.


    • I, too, will venture off to the thrift stores in hopes of finding a box full of old Nintendo games, for a super cheap price, that someone has decided to part with. Your boyfriend came across an awesome find! Yes, there are a few more games that I would like to acquire. Thanks for the comment! Cheers!


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