LOTR Lunchbox

LOTR LunchboxIt feels like Christmas in September. Today I received my Lord of the Rings lunchbox that I ordered online last week (Joy!). I placed a bid on an old retro E.T. lunchbox on eBay that I, unfortunately, was outbid on. The same happened when trying to bid on a Heathcliff and a Pac-Man lunchbox. So I figured, instead of trying to buy an old rusted lunchbox of a movie I never saw in theaters as a kid (I had a deprived childhood), why not just buy a brand spanking new lunchbox of one of my favorite, and one of the most epic, movie trilogies ever?! Too bad Shaun of the Dead never released a lunchbox. Or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Or Flight of the Conchords for that matter! I would totally rock a Flight of the Conchords lunchbox.


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